1. Leather knowledge

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Leather are cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, or some other animals off of the original skin, the enterprise tanning after treatment, make all kinds of characteristics, strength, handle, color, decorative pattern leather material, is the modern leather products of the essential material. the

, cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin leather is the raw material of the three kinds of skin. Leather is divided into head skin and second skin two kinds.

1. The head skin

Head skin is with grain, cattle, sheep, pig, etc., leather have natural scar and blood bar mark, occasionally and machining process of incised wound and low utilization rate of the abdomen nan parts, import head skin and cattle Numbers brand. All full grain from the pore weight and degree of density to distinguish belong to what animal leather. Kraft sort is more, such as cow leather, leather, beef cattle grazed the leather, cowhide, bull skin, not castrated bull leather and castration the bull leather. In our country there are cattle skin, buffalo hide, yak skin and zho leather, etc. Among them, the buffalo hide pores thick and thin some; Cattle skin is buffalo hide pores fine and dense. Skin pores is more fine more dense and a little slope, mainly sheep skin and goat skin two kinds big. Head skin by all sorts of animals is the original skin directly processing and into, or to a thick cortical cattle, pigs, horses and other animals skin hair removal cross into fluctuation two layer, fibrous tissue tight upper part is processed into various head skin.

2. Second skin

Second skin is fiber organization is loose 2 parts, the chemical material spraying or facing in PVC, PU film processing and into.

Therefore, distinguish between head skin and second skin effective method is to observe the skin, the longitudinal section fiber density. Head skin and close by and thin fiber layer and its close together a little loose excessive layer composed, with good strength, elasticity and plasticity technology etc. Second skin is only loose fibrous tissue layer, only in spraying chemical raw materials or after polishing can be used to make leather products, it maintained a certain natural elasticity and plasticity technology characteristics, its thickness requirements are the same as head skin.

Artificial leather

Artificial leather, also called imitation leather or rubber, PVC and PU and artificial material body. It is in the textile cloth base or non-woven base, by all sorts of different formulation and foamed PVC and PU coated or processing is made and be become, can according to different strength, wear resistance, cold resistance degree and color, luster, decorative pattern design requirements for processing, has made various breed of design and color, waterproof properties is good, in order to keep out appearance, high efficiency and the relative price of leather cheap characteristics, but most of the artificial leather, the feel and stretch beyond the reach of dermal effect; The longitudinal section, can see fine bubble hole, cloth base or surface of the film and dry vapid synthetic fiber. It is early until now very popular a kind of material, is widely used to make all kinds of leather products, or part of the leather materials. It increasingly advanced production process, and is being second leather manufacture widely used. Today, very like leather characteristics in a leather production listed, its surface process is base of fibrous tissue, almost to the effect of the leather, the price and the domestic first layer of the skin of the same price.

2. Leather maintenance knowledge

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Want to keep for a long time handbag in good condition, the most important thing is not to ignore the daily maintenance, and generally use two bags, after three days can be a day of rest, and go back home will timely maintenance, will the things in the bag out, remove dust, wipe gently, to ensure that no deformation, the best bag handbag with will be in the paper.

Leather itself with natural oils the longer or use too much times and gradually reduce, so even if a very high level of leather also need regular maintenance. Suggest you in every store leather before, should it to dust do cleaning. General cortex products had better on leather maintenance oil, it is the oil on in a clean cloth, and then wipe the surface evenly to avoid direct daub oil in leather goods, in order to avoid damage the leather goods. Leather products to maintain the first heavy word is "use

Treasure ", common in the use of handbags do pay attention to not be disorderly scratches, not be rain, don't be stained content pollution, is the most basic knowledge of how to maintain the handbag. Or wait for a problem before to deal with, the effect will be the poor.

1, daily maintenance:

1) leather absorption force strong, should pay attention to antifouling, high-grade to whet a sand leather especially should pay attention to.

2) once a week after touching water with dry towel twist dry, repeated several times to wipe gently.

3) if leather on the spot, with a clean wet sponge with mild detergent wipe dry, then let it dry naturally. Before using formal in inconspicuous corner to try out.

4) as in the leather over drink, shall be immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to blot, and wet cloth wipe, make its natural dry, do not use the hair dryer is blown dry.

5) if touch on oil, can be used for cloth wipe up, the remaining by its natural dissipation or cleaner clean, do not water scrub.

6) if you have found any holes, poor loss phenomenon, don't do STH without authorization repair, should look for business or professional staff to help.

7) not to store leather furniture in the sun burst basked in, it will bring about leather desiccation and fade.

8) high quality leather surface not have slight scar, can be taken by hand Hugh temperature and oil make slight scar desalt.

9) leather goods he caught in the rain, must will sweat, dry place ventilation shade after dry can. Avoid by all means use fire drying or blasting bask in the sun.

10) leather is used to maintain product before, first with a little test in leather bag bottom or medial less conspicuous place, for sure no problem before use in the whole leather goods.

11) leather careless produce knits, can use iron set into wool temperature and cloth to iron out.

12) leather goods on hardware maintenance, should be in after use dry cloth to wipe. Such as micro oxidation, try to flour or toothpaste male dabbed hardware can.

13) paint leather typically require with soft cloth to wipe can.

14) burnish leather of maintenance, please use a little leather maintains with special oil in soft cloth, and then a little hard on leather the friction; Matt leather of maintenance, usually only light mop cloth, if dirt is serious when, can try to similar rubber rubber wipe gently remove.

15) leather goods such as produce black stains, try to the same color of the leather with alcohol to wipe gently.

16) suede leather must use soft animal brush to remove surface dust and dirt, such as pollution is serious, try to gently eraser to four party even push loose to remove dirt.

2, cleaning:

With a clean soft cloth with a little toothpaste or facial cleanser in leather bag need to clean the place daub open, then can touch a little less water, gently wipe clean, and finally to use another piece of clean soft cloth in surface treatment once, also can be in less

The amount of a leather brightener, if not can also on a bit used in peacetime hand cream, but not too much. This bag can if brightness is new.

Or go to the supermarket to buy special cleaning bag of cleansing cream and maintenance cream, the most convenient!

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